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Defining the Relationship

Historically, Colorado Brokers have always worked for the Seller. However, in today’s market there are more options to choose from.

When working with a buyer or seller, the realtor can either be an agent or a transaction broker.

How can I best serve you?
Once we’ve agreed upon a brokerage relationship we’ll move forward together step by step at your speed.

I can assist you as…

Transaction Broker
As a transaction broker, I work with the buyer, the seller, or both, throughout a transaction without being an “agent” for any of the parties involved. Essentially, I’ll assist you through the process and ensure the formalities are properly taken care of. This is the most commonly used relationship.

Buyer’s Agent 
As a Buyer’s Agent, I work on behalf of the Buyer only, acting loyally as their advocate and negotiator. A written agreement is required that outlines the commitments of both Broker and Buyer to one another.

Seller’s Agent
As a Seller’s Agent, I work on behalf of the Seller only, acting loyally as their advocate and negotiator. This relationship requires a written agreement outlining the commitments of both Broker and Seller to one another.

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From the first day of working for you, we will make all of our moves according to what is in your best interest. Once an offer is accepted, you have a window of time that allows for us to review all of the contingencies within the contract including the title, inspection, appraisal, and survey. This is when a lot of paperwork begins and you can rest assured that I will walk you through this process from start to finish until all aspects are complete.

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As simple as it may seem, it can be difficult to prepare your home for sale. Allow me to help you step into the shoes of a potential buyer so we can visualize and create the right appeal.

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